03/24/17 Diary: Reno Dash




Goodness, I do like Reno. Good climate, good friends, good food.


Junot Díaz (born December 31, 1968) is a Dominican American writer, creative writing professor at MIT, and fiction editor at Boston Review.


  1. Charles Boylan

    Reno has an arboretum? Good food?? Pleasant to be in? I have also found it to be an overwhelming suck hole of despair. But that was the time I was forced to go to Circus Circus. And you are not in a local hotel, all of which have twisted floor plans forcing you through a casino floor/ smoked filled sports book.

  2. War Pig

    That drive on US 395 is beautiful. The contrasts are amazing. I’ve driven it from Pendleton, Oregon down to Reno. Then had to turn around three days later and drive the reverse course back to Pendleton. I had a 1977 Subaru Leone wagon with dual-range, manual 4WD, It was the first Subaru with a/c and I needed it in places. The ride height was also adjustable. It had a 4 speed manual transmission and a pretty decent little AM/FM radio with pretty amazing range. It had the 1.6L boxer engine option and I put over 300,000 miles on it before I sold it. I probably got 35 MPG in that thing. It was lemon yellow with an imitation woody kit on the sides.

    Counting rest breaks and all, it was about a 12-14 hour drive. I was much younger, naturally, and could drive it all at once back then. On the way back I had time so I took four days. There are a lot of things to see on 395.

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