03/17/17 Diary: Phoenix, San Diego




Having fun in San Diego. But I’m tired. But it’s good tired. πŸ™‚


  1. I do recommend the zoo in San Diego. But either go early and plan to spend the day or expect to miss something you really do want to see.

    Legoland, up the coast, is expensive, but if you go make sure that your camera has a lot of spare memory.

    And I get to go to Phoenix next week.

  2. Does sound like lots of fun, excepting the Wall. Being Canadian, I’ve heard Trump blithering about building a wall between the US and Mexico but I didn’t know there was a partial wall already.

    Chris, did you mention somewhere before why you had to adopt out Cadfael? I can’t imagine losing my kitty girl that way.

  3. Seconded with the SD Zoo (or, indeed, the Wild Animal Park, up north) – that’s really quite a special place. Even just tootling up the coastal communities can be fun, with surfers getting on and off with their boards. ^_^

    An amazing bloom of lupines brings to mind a collection of very floral wolves. I like this image. ^_^

  4. mouse

    Balboa Park is what I always recommend to people. Lots of museums – most have an admission price, but it’s not bad, and you can get sort of a multipass. The Timken Gallery is always free, as is the Botanical Building. I love the Mingai, which is a folk-art museum; also Museum of Man and the Natural History Museum and the Japanese Friendship Garden (which I need to get to soon, as the cherry trees and azaleas should be in bloom). And then there is a rose garden, and a cactus garden, and just lots of space to walk around and picnic and just look at the buildings. (Comic Con is going to have a museum there also, but not for about a year.) The Old Globe Theatre is there – actually, if you are into theater, San Diego has a ton of it, I think it’s one of the most active areas for local theater.

    And lots of places to hike – Torrey Pines Park (just north of La Jolla) is pretty spectacular; San Dieguito Lagoon has trails from the coast all the way up to Volcan Mountain (check http://www.sdrp.org/wordpress/ for maps, etc.) By the way – did you see much in the way of wildflower bloom as you drove from AZ? This is supposed to be the most spectacular bloom in years.

    The wall…..yeah. Recently saw a play that ended up at Friendship Park in SD – it’s a park that has historically been a place for families in the US and Mexico to meet up and visit, but now the border fence runs through it. People still meet there….but it’s sorta like visiting through cell bars. Watching that, I couldn’t help but think no one in the Trump administration has ever actually gone to look at the US/Mexico border – there is already something like 700 miles of fence/wall; much that isn’t fenced is open because the terrain makes it difficult to impossible to build there; and the existing fence does a pretty good job of keeping people out….which is why so many of them go to the rugged, unfenced areas to cross, and end up dying in the desert. So much ignorance producing so much hurt.

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