07/28/17 Diary: The Green Mountain State




The only question I have after drawing this is, “what’re we going to make for dinner?”


  1. Sounds wonderfully relaxing. Love how cats sometime sleep with their back feet up by their heads and how you drew Beau. Go on – open the mailbox! I promise any spider that might be in it won’t jump you.

  2. War Pig

    Try antipasto and an arugula salad. It was great here last night. The guests had sangria and I had iced coffee.

    I am a philistine when it comes to wine. I’m one of those unfortunates to whom all wines taste more or less like vinegar and grape juice with a dash of alcohol.

  3. 0z79

    Jealous, here… I sorely miss living in the country. Any time I’ve spent a few hours away from the city and have to go back, I do so with a sinking sensation in my gut.. I’m meant for quiet, taking care of chickens, goats and the like and kitty wants to roam, but living on an arterial, he can’t be let out.

    Probably why I’m super-pithy online, now that I think about it.. Anyway, enjoy your vacation away from “civilization”. πŸ˜€

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