07/21/17 Diary: Mt Shasta to Randolph




We made it to Vermont! Yay! And I’m so glad I’m doing these diary comics, because in a week I won’t remember HALF of this.


Rick Gillis (born January 15, 1948) is a Canadian author and painter.


  1. Martin

    Always stake down the corners! You don’t always need to attach the guy lines, but staking down the corners is the bare minimum amount of flair. It will help to give you the most possible room inside and keep the sides taut, which helps with water-resistance.

    Epic car trips are awesome. And sadly there are a lot of lousy KOAs out there.

    1. Totally! But zero rain predicted, almost zero breeze predicted, and it’s a car camping tent, so space isn’t at a premium.

      But still, yup, learned my lesson. For about 15 minutes a breeze kicked up enough to lift up the corners, and I found myself staking them down at 2:00am in my underwear. πŸ™‚

  2. Peter Rogan

    For what it’s worth, I always stake down my fly sheet, because the weather gypsies might have been on something or the zephyrs are out on a jam and threw away their itineraries.

    That worked till I camped at Grand Haven, Michigan, on the beach. A thunderstorm rolled in off Lake Michigan and woke me with the sound of rain beating on the fly overhead. I sighed, rolled over… and was in four inches of rain that had come in over the gunwales and under the loose fly on the lake side. I had staked my dry sleep on soft beach sand. It took five days of cycling to dry my sleeping bag out… which happened in a commercial dryer in a laundromat in Traverse City. I don’t advise hauling a wet sleeping bag for five days over glacial hills, let alone sleeping in it. Live and learn, I guess. If you survive.

  3. mouse

    The only thing I regret about living in California is that we have no fireflies. There is such magic being out on a summer evening as the world darkens and the fireflies start to appear….

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