08/11/17 Diary: Tunbridge Road




Worked too hard. Off to bed. Love to you all. Have a great weekend.


  1. A few decades back I scored a first edition almost complete set of The Complete Dickens. I think that it was around from around 1892. Sadly my house was flooded and I hadn’t yet decided how to best preserve, and enjoy them. All of the set that I have left is the copy of Great Expectations which I had been reading upstairs.

    That flood also took my old copies of Flaubert and Ibsen (the later in the original Norwegian.)

    We won’t begin to discuss the music and original art which I also lost.


    I’ve been doing my daily walk as UP a steep hill and then down. But I keep feeling like it would all go better if I warmed up by going down first and then up. It’s good to know it’s better up then down. Especially since there isn’t a good way for me to fix that problem. 🙂

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