08/19/17 Diary: Elevated Spirit





Apologies! The Diary/Journal strip was a day late. We hiked Mt Jefferson in the White Mountains yesterday (this is us at the top), and we left home later than planned, it took longer to get there than planned, and it took longer to hike than planned. We got home at 11pm. So, Friday morning I took time to finish drawing it and laying it out — here it is! Apologies for the delay!


  1. War Pig

    Do the whole Appalachian Trail. But you have to do it in stages and really spread it out as it is over 2,000 miles. I’ve done a few sections, but I only know two people personally who have hiked the whole thing. They do say there are die hard hikers who do it all in a season. I am not one of them nor do have any ambitions that way; mainly as if you are hiking 2,000 miles in a season, it doesn’t leave much time for other work.

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