08/25/17 Diary: Cedra Farm-Sit




Thursday already? Where did the week go?


  1. Would you please just OPEN that mailbox?! If not to satisfy your curiosity, then mine (ours if others too). How bad can it be? Use a long stick if you’re that nervous or find a friend who isn’t scared of spiders. I’d do it for you if I was nearby. Spiders are my friends.

    As a side note – I love taking a walk with a big dog. Used to have a German Shepherd and a cat. My dog went in front, then me, followed by my cat. Didn’t go near roads but only fields and wooded areas. I’d often have to stop and wait so they could satisfy their curiosity (no mailboxes with spiders though) but I enjoyed watching them explore. Camaraderie on our walks. Long time back but still warm pleasant feelings recalling it.

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