09/08/17 Diary: Seasonal Shift




This week was insane. Next week promises to be similar. And the next week. But I will not drown, I swear by Neptune!



    Rice doesn’t dry electronics fast enough to be effective. The best thing to do is to disassemble them as much as you can and air dry them.

    If some device gets very wet you could try disassembling then drying with a microfibre cloth or washing it with a very pure alcohol (surgical spirit, for example). The alcohol thing is good because it will displace the water and then quickly evaporate.

  2. Owen Smith

    It’s a different jar of pickles this year, and there’s mail. The jar lids are different depths in the two pictures, even accounting for the slightly different angle of the photo. So someone has changed the pickle jar, as well as mail being left.

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