09/15/17 Diary: Final Visits




What a sweet week of visits. πŸ™‚

And pickles!



  1. Hurray! You finally opened it! I disagree from the other commenters. After all, a year has passed. The lid is obviously more corroded and the bottle has been moved (with stuff shoved in the maulbox) so we’re not looking at the same view of the contents as before. It *may* be a different bottle but hard to be certain either way.

    Now IF people are trading pickles back and forth, I’d say someone needs to use clean new lids for canning. I wouldn’t trust the contents of whatever’s in that bottle.

  2. TB

    There is a … thing … that stalks this area. People leave pickles in the mailbox to make it pass by their house in a ritual similar to the ancient Hebrews painting lamb’s blood on their doors in Exodus.

    Why? It’s a long story.

    The only way we know about this particular jar is that the owner of the house left the mailbox open once.

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