11/10/17 Diary: This and That




Even in weeks when we don’t do things we’re busy. Good busy.

anthony horowitz

Anthony Horowitz (born 5 April 1955) is an English novelist and screenwriter specializing in mystery and suspense.

julie berry

Julie Berry is an American author.


  1. War Pig

    I make two kinds of chili. A regular, beef-only Texas chili with no beans and no tomatoes (from mild to OMG! which can cure ulcers) and what I call my average northern White people chili with kidney beans, tomatoes and (what I consider) very little spice. I do smoke the chilies myself, though. No chili powder for me.

    My late wife and myself both made chili and also white (roux and milk based) gravy. But while her chili was like a soup, mine was very thick (both styles). Her white gravies were smooth and pour-able while mine were thick and had to be spoon-scooped to serve. Both tasted very good, but she could not make them thick, and I could not make them thin. Sort of like Jack Sprat and his wife.

    Even my étouffée was thicker than hers. Go figure.

  2. Owen Smith

    Foyle’s War is great, I hope you enjoy it. My only criticism is they skipped through the later years of the war in a single series because ITV (who paid for it to be made) wanted to cancel it. After a change of management ITV realised their mistake, hence the continuation of the series post WWII. But this still deprived the viewers of a series per year of the war as had been done for the earlier series.

  3. Since you listen to a lot of audio books, I recommend Narrow Dog to Carcassonne, by Terry Darlington, and Attention All Shipping, by Charlie Connelly, (The unabridged, of course) if you haven’t heard them already. Very funny, and very well read as well.

  4. TB

    It’s a shame the smell of oil paint bothers you. I haven’t painted in many years, but the smell was always a pleasant one to me, and when I visit an art shop, I still pick up a bottle of linseed oil and smell it to bring back old memories.

    1. Yeah, it’s rotten luck. And the smell itself doesn’t bother me aesthetically or anything like that, it’s something in their makeup. I use water soluble oils so I don’t have to use turpentine, and I wear a gas mask, but I still get really physically ill if I don’t use them outside or in SUPER-ventilated rooms.

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