11/17/17 Diary: There and Here




I promise that if my foot isn’t healed by early December that I’ll get a doctor to check it out. In the meantime I’m just keeping off it, which is basically what you do for a foot stress fracture.

If you’re wish to read the “Sagehen Creek Field Station” comic, they’ve put it up on their site.



  1. War Pig

    Good idea about the foot. Icing it also helps (from experience).

    Be careful. All bears are not innocuous. Remember Treadwell and Huguenard. I know there are mostly black bears in your area, but they can be dangerous as well. At least the timber rattlers should be denned up by now until spring.

  2. Will you talk more about the forest? There IS much more to understand and I’ll definitely be listening.

    Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. All that work done in stippling and cross-hatching! I’m a good (to others but not myself) artist with pencil sketches of people and animals but I don’t have the patience to do shading like you did. I guess patience for something like that indicates whether one loves what they’re doing. I have patience ‘playing’ with plants and gardening and with bead-weaving but not visual art. Shows that you’re truly an artist, Chris.

    Don’t ever get bogged down with mundane things and lose your sense of wonder, please. I love going on short walks and coming home with tiny organic treasures and interesting stones and anything else. Some of the most ordinary small items are pieces of great beauty when examined closely. I love carrying a strong magnifying glass for such wonders. Judging from the one panel you drew of pine needle clusters, cones, twigs and other bits, I know you see its beauty too.

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