12/15/17 Diary: Woods Shelter




We also did laundry again. But it seemed too monumental to mention.

Here’s a photo of that shelter, btw (pic taken by Cedra).24909952_10214615478078617_6296493299136567572_n


  1. War Pig

    Sympathies for the cut finger. Challah is a great breakfast pastry/bread. Did she use both dark chocolate and cocoa powder? I’ve used Nutella and it’s pretty good in challah. I also add orange zest and a shot of Grand Marnier to mine, whether straight chocolate or Nutella. I just like orange and chocolate together, but I’m not Jewish and therefore I don’t maintain kosher.

      1. TB

        In my opinion, time travel is demonstrated by doing about fifteen projects in a typical day, each of which would take a normal person two days, and me, a week.

        A written note would get me points enough with my wife. I can only imagine what it would be like if I actually built her an impromptu mailbox for it to go in. I suppose there wasn’t enough newspaper around to build a full-size papier-mache Pony Express rider on a horse.

        1. Herandar

          What M.A. said: You went back to November 11th to visit the town. I bet you provided the winning numbers for that Saturday’s PowerBall lottery in your letter to Cedra. Now if you had only got her to buy a ticket a month ago.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Orange and chocolate, dark if possible, I find tastes heavenly. Never have heard of or tasted challa. Now I feel cheated of a wonderful set of tastes! I’ll have to seek it out to get some. Not much of a food maker.

    Ow, two knife cuts of the finger? One is bad enough. And it hurts. Especially if it is your dominant hand.

    That shelter looks like some I have read about you can make and that are very old in their use if you don’t have camping gear. Nice, clear color photo. Well done Cedra!

    1. Challah is a “special Jewish bread, usually braided and typically eaten on ceremonial occasions such as Sabbath and major Jewish holidays.” (wiki). Yummy and pretty. Recommended. You braid it, and Cedra rolled out and rolled up each of the three braids with chocolate. Brilliant.

      Fortunately the cut (and now a NEW cut today on the next finger over) on her NON-dominant hand.

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