12/22/17 Diary: My Sister Visits



Happy Solstice. Longer days here on out (on this side of the globe).


  1. War Pig

    High Fructose Corn Syrup is synthetic poison. I hypothesize the increase in use of HFCS with the epidemic increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Raw sugar is mostly okay. Raw, brown, crystallized sugar (cane or beet) or REAL honey. A lot of “honey” is fructose syrup. I buy mine in the comb. Expensive but authentic honey. I use real butter and real honey, I bake with raw sugar. HFCs is not only poison but it saps energy so you don’t feel like working after the sugar rush is over. Even real molasses is better than HFCS.

    Sometimes I’ll take a half teaspoonful of honey and comb and just chew it. I can chew on beeswax for hours. I also spread it on homemade wheat toast, comb and all.

    My worst dietary sin is those little, white, yeast dinner rolls in the cardboard box with the plastic bag around them. They have one crease in the top. I buy a box, bake them and eat them all in the space of a day or two. I know they’re not very good for me but dang it, I cannot resist them. They are my crack.

    Chris, do you own a pressure cooker? I have an excellent pressure cooker recipe for jambalaya. Andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, rice, tomatoes, sliced okra, the Cajun trinity. Yummy. I have even replaced the andouille with chorizo and it still works.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Interesting with that box an the Girl scouts. Also wonder of wonders Cedra finished it! Now that is persistence in a major way.

    Also I agree with that wretched invention HFCS which was designed for us to hit our bliss and to hit it constantly. Why there is an epidemic of people not liking real food. Just doesn’t have the engineered super tastes designed to keep us buying and eating those corporate foods and move away from organic foods that now taste plain compared to the engineered addiction based food.

    Seems the only to stop this is a wrecked society and total break down. Which is too great a price to do so.

  3. A most joyous and energizing season – OK, Merry Christmas AND a Happy New Year – that’s tomorrow! to Chris, Cedra, and the rest of this motley crew. There’s a lot to do in the next year (starting NOW, not even tomorrow!)
    Chris, I had to go double-check the label on our box of _Trader Joe’s Joe-Joes_and yes, there’s ‘dried cane syrup’ but NO HFCS, and we like ’em better than those inferior ones from the big guys. The fats matter as well, and I’m with War Pig on the honey.
    Make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies by combining the recipes from the bag of chips and the box of oatmeal, substituting real honey for the sugar (account for part of the moisture as well.) Scrumptious, green or plain!

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