01/05/18 Diary: New Years Eve



I had a wonderful 2017, despite the daily news, or maybe in spite of it. It felt like I focused more on my goals and what’s important in my life. So good.

I hope 2018, for myself and for all of you, is an amazing adventure.


  1. Daktari D

    I love and look forward to these Friday Diary strips. You two fill your lives with so many interesting things. It inspires me to try to do the same. I’ve been thinking all year about how to do that within the framework of our more mundane work-and-mortgage life here in San Diego. I had thought that becoming an earth scientist would help, but alas. All the work I do now is on computer.

    Still working on it…

  2. M.A.

    Ah, small dinner parties with friends are the best! I went to an annual crab feed for New Year’s — around 20 people, lots of crab and salads and garlic bread, good and silly conversation, champagne, chocolate. Good way to start the year.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    I do find reading what you all do to be both interesting and in a way vicariously fulfilling. I find it every bit as enjoyable as your fiction, but in the real world and real things to see, taste, experience and enjoy. (I did not know gluten was put into chocolate.)

    A new year but with so much baggage of the old year. I just don’t feel anything much when it happens. We can find out now what 2018 will have in store to all of us. May it be better than 2017.

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