01/12/18 Diary: The Grindstone


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We worked this week. So good, I barely remember it.

Here’s one of the pictures I took of the needle ice.



  1. I never knew those ice formations had a name so I’m grateful to find out. I read about and checked over photos of needle ice which led to looking up hair ice and ice flowers (both the kind forming on dead wood and the kind that forms on sea ice). To me, the dirt sticking on the top of needle ice detracted from its beauty. The photos of the hair ice are incredible with some having strands of ice as thin as hair!

    Is there any way we could look at Cedra’s art without traveling to see it? I’d love to see her work. What medium does she do her pictures in and are they coloured? I can’t imagine someone drawing a varied thrush without using colour since colour is essential to identify them. They’re beautiful birds. I’ve photographed them a number of times.

  2. War Pig

    If you think your bodies are betraying you now compared to when you were 18, buckle up kids! Wait until you hit 65! You’ll have a whole other litany of creaks, aches, groans and kinks to deal with. Old age is not for sissies.

  3. mouse

    Oh my, “A High Wind in Jamaica” – just added that to my ‘have to read again’ list. And then look up the movie – are you familiar with that? Anthony Quinn starring, as a rather bemused pirate.

    It is a strange book, as I recall – interesting take on what children are about.

  4. Muzhik

    Two things: Back in the 80’s (I SAID, BACK IN THE 1980’S … YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT — 8-0 NOT 1-8. NOW LET ME FINISH MY STORY… damn kids … interrupting their elders …)

    ANYway, back in the 1980s there was a craze for “kneeling chairs”. These were furniture that combined sitting on your derriere with kneeling rather than having your feet on the floor. My now-ex-wife and I lucked out when we bought our first one to use at the computer desk — it was a “fixed” model, non-adjustable, and comfortable as all get-out. The design forces you to sit with your back erect, and allowed us to spend lots of time doing desk work. She kept it until fairly recently, when it was too broken down to justify moving. You can find a modern example at varierchairs.com.

    After our breakup, I couldn’t find a replacement for that chair, so I bought an “adjustible” model, which I eventually gave away as just too uncomfortable. Motto is to try before buy. (Also, the fixed models don’t fit in with the transient lifestyle.)

    Second thing, is that I find Cedra’s work reminiscent of the work of Maria Sibylla Merian. I’m looking forward to seeing if she can do a colorized version of the thrush; maybe in watercolor looking like an Audubon print.

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