01/19/18 Diary: Brief Path Diversion




Feeling mostly better today (Thursday). Could think, read, and work, although still struggling a little. Eat well, push water, and rest. Good times.


  1. Rich

    Interesting to hear you mention Cedra’s trip to a Cornish pasty shop in the US. Here in the UK Cornish pasties have to be made in Cornwall to be named so. Every shop here has their pasties made in Cornwall and delivered frozen around the country. Are they imported to the US too? They must be prohibitively expensive!

    1. @Rich, in the US, I find that we more-often-than-not view names of food simply as that: names. You go to Cornwall, have a pasty, get a recipe, go home to the US, and then try making Cornish Pasties. Same with cheeses and other products.

      @Herandar, you MAY be right, but I’d say it’s just as likely that some random American simply liked pasties, thought their might be a market, and made a restaurant around them.

    1. They’re good! Not too different from Calzones, really. A pocket of bread baked, or deep fried, with stuff inside. So it’s a solid contained meal. Some even have the inside separated into two parts, savory, and then sweet (dessert). Compact. Used to be popular with miners.

  2. Rich

    So I was interested enough to look into this, and the EU PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) initiative – which protects the Cornish pasty along with Melton Mowbray pork pies, Linconshire sausages, Cheddar cheese, Champagne, etc etc – is only relevant/enforced within the EU. I’d imagine many a Cornish’s blood would be boiling at the thought of their beloved pasty being appropriated. In reality it wouldn’t surprise me to find that it’s actually been improved-upon!

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