03/30/18 Diary: Outings





Suzanna Arundhati Roy (born November 1961) is an Indian author and political activist.


  1. War Pig

    I really miss getting hand-written letters, or even printed-from-a-computer letters (snail mail) instead of email or texts. I still hand write letters to family and friends although with the advancing age and unsteadiness of hand that comes with it, I’ll likely have to switch to computer printed letters in a year or two. I still have some hand written letters from my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles in scrapbooks. Social intercourse longer than a text is a dying art. Now all I get in the mail are bills and ads wanting me to make more bills, or political propaganda from one party or another. I use the same automobile dealership I have for years partly because the manager and sales staff write personal letters and snail-mail them asking how my car/truck is doing and reminding me about service schedules.

    1. mouse

      Me too! Getting mail from home was such a big deal when I was in college. When I lived in the dorm, you got your mail in these old-fashioned mailboxes, with a little glass window….some days I would check 3 or 4 or 5 times, in hope I had something. And you could send stuff with – not just newspaper clippings or comics but pictures or dried flowers or…well, any number of things. Somewhere I still have all those collected, including the letter my father wrote me when I was accepted to college.

      So now I am pen-pals with an internet friend – and while I do try to use nice paper and a fountain pen (because I love fountain pens and have a selection), not having same wouldn’t stop me. So don’t let it stop you, Sengkelat! And it’s like any communication with a friend or loved one – most of it isn’t “meaningful”, but that whole history of communications about little things makes the whole friendship more meaningful.

  2. I used to worry that the post office was going to go out of business. So I decided I should write more letters. And if I was going to take the time to do that, they should really be heartfelt and meaningful. And they should be on nice paper. And they shouldn’t be printed out, but should be handwritten. In cursive. And I should write them with a dip pen.
    So I realized the post office was doomed.

    Also, in your comic, in the bit on brownies, “supporing” is lacking a ‘t’.

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