05/18/18 Diary: Quiet Quiet Quiet





Vera Brosgol (born in Russia in 1984) is an Eisner Award and Harvey Award winning cartoonist and a graduate in Classical Animation of Sheridan College in Canada.


  1. War Pig

    Goes to show what I know. I didn’t think there was a Freida’s Cafe west of Philadelphia. I’m with you. I don’t use tobacco except four times a year for religious purposes (half Blackfoot).

  2. There’s a hot* spring-fed swimming pool out at one of the Sheldon campsites, too!

    *Not actually hot in the winter, but still open water so if you’re real sneaky you can catch sage grouse going down to it.

    Sheldon NWR is one of my “wild strawberry places,” to directly translate from Swedish. Such beauty in that corner of the states.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    I find tobacco useful to keep insects way. Glad you are down to one a year. Glad too you didn’t see anything protentious in that time things got excited while you took your annual smoke.

    Never expected any cave owner to allow for people to break the formations. Totally unfamiliar with the areas you are going to. Great to find out about them.

    Thanx again for letting us see a bit of your life and others traveling around this country of ours.

  4. Docard

    My father taught me how to make and use leather slings. His style of firing them is different from most. It takes little warm-up and uses a similar motion to serving in tennis.

    And if you think that’s interesting knowledge to pass to family, my grandmother taught me how to make and crack a bull whip, but I’ve pretty much forgotten by now : (

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