07/06/18 Diary: Transitions




Loving this new place.


  1. Do you have a standard routine for your packing? You have to do it so often. You must have it down to a science. To me packing is like a nightmare. So every time you guys pull everything together and change locations, I sort of cringe in sympathy.

    1. Oh, it can be hell, certainly. Plus cleaning the house is in ways like staging it for a buyer. But everyone feels good coming home to a clean nice house.

      But living on the road means we’ve whittled our belongings down. And more and more, as we get more savvy to the lifestyle, everything has a place. So it becomes more like a routine. Maybe more akin to cleaning one’s desk at the end of a long workday. 🙂

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    I was going to say you guys had to decide what you would carry so moving and carrying from place-to-place wouldn’t be too much in each case. Quite a logistical problem that you both solved. And having to adjust to a new setting each time as your stays are temporary as you go along. Plus doing your work on top of it.

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