07/13/18 Diary: Family Visiting




Busy week. I love my sister and Lemony. And Cedra.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    So instead of getting good night’s rest you just napped? The latest thinking is that we still get too little sleep if we do so for only 8 hours. I’d like to sleep that long every night. The body does as it wills.

    Now I’m hungry again…

    1. Oh, it was because I had to get up so early to drive to the airport, and it was light by the time I got home, so I figured I’d tough it out. But it got the best of me. Naps are SUPER rare for me.

      I do best at 8 hours, always at the (approx) same time, and do pretty good at keeping that schedule (if for no other reason than it helps bring out my best work).

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