09/7/18 Diary: A Non Starter




Late night, playing cribbage with Cedra’s Fam, strip done enough to post (will fix it tomorrow), uploaded late because the internet went out at 10 til. Ugh!

[EDIT: all now fixed and updated!]


  1. Martin

    The old mallet to the starter trick! It might interest you to know that it happens to airplanes as well. Nothing like hitting an airplane with a hammer while a propeller spins close to your head. Ahh, c’est la guerre.

    I’m glad you replaced the new starter yourself–sense of achievement! Modern cars make it harder and harder for the end user to repair, but that is another rant from which I will spare you. Safe travels, and thank you for the entertainment.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Trying to replace a starter in cars of the past 20 years is madding because there is so much in there that is in the way. Not like the good old days when cars were relatively simple and easy to reach.

    I would not like to be working on something with propeller blades spinning close to my head. I shall forgo imagining it.

    Welcome to Texas. I live in the hot and sticky south. Hope you guys are further north where it is drier though scorpions can be found there. Big yellow ones.

    Happy motoring!

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