09/14/18 Diary: The Night Piano




A week starting in chaos, feeling like it it’s ending in solid rock.


  1. Rick Denison

    You’ll love Guanajuato — not least the pastel colors of the houses fronting on the narrow streets and alleyways (callejones). We live about an hour away in León and try to get to Guanajuato several times a year. Diego Rivera was born there and there’s a small museum in his family home devoted to his life and work (although he later claimed he despised the place — too provincical and conservative), Also, there’s a worthwhile archeological site off the highway to San Miguel de Allende called Cañada de la Virgen — well worth the trip. Be sure to try some of the local craft beers.

      1. Rick Denison

        And if you have a shopping day free, come on over to León on the bus and shop for shoes in the “Leather Zone” near the bus station. León is Mexico’s shoe-and-leather capital. Good quality and good deals.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Your revised situation with a place to stay to the end of the year reminded me of the paired aphorism: “Happy people who become unhappy look savage. Unhappy people who become happy look stunned.”

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