12/21/18 Diary: Cozy Comforts




Apologies for the delay. Sometimes the events which inspire the journal comic get in the way of it getting done quite on time.


  1. Dr D

    Just wanted to say that I *love* the diary strips. It is one of the highlights of my Friday to vicariously enjoy your nomadic life. It sounds like such an adventure, though I’m sure it also has its moments of worry and doubt. Keep your chin up. And if you’re ever in San Diego, look us up. We’re good for dinner at least and, if our adult kids have left the house (again), our guest room is open to you.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    I find the diary comic a pleasant change from my normal life and reading materials. A nice jolt of other stuff going on by other people who lead interesting lives.

    Thanx for letting us in on it.

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