01/18/19 Diary: Changes Begin




I’m keepin’ it together!


  1. Congrats on the book deal!!
    I’m also in the middle of one of those can’t stop, but my brain is deeply in favor of finding a hole and hiding modes.
    I have recently been using the 100 blessings to some effect. I’m not usually a “think positive” advocate. In fact I’ve written at least 2 diatribes against the people who say “think positive”.
    But naming things I can count as blessings works in 2 ways. It breaks pattern in my brain that is anxiety at least for that moment. It’s a distraction. Even if I am repeating a blessing I use regularly. It’the process of thinking differently that stops the spiral of anxiety.
    2nd and most surprisingly, my general mood seems to lift for at quite a space afterward.
    What is nice about 100 blessings is that it forces you to find the tiny things that are good. Because 100! So if I take a shower, hot water is good and so is the excellent water pressure. It becomes something of a game to find them. I’m an atheist, so I interpret blessings as anything that has a positive impact on me or the world.
    Wow. This note went on too long. Sorry.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Sometimes I just stop and think how much worse it could be for me so easily. Then any chance of anxiety is gone.

    Great news on the book deal. I want to know more when you can tell us!

  3. Julia

    I love that you are talking about doing work on the scuba comic while over on the Bruno reruns, Bruno is learning to scuba dive.

    And speaking of Bruno, have you given any thought to someone’s suggestion that you let your readers tag the strips? I can imagine that setting it up and vetting the volunteers would take a fair amount of your time. But it would be a benefit to your fans and help us keep up with the intricacies of the story.

    But whether you do or not, thanks for reposting them.

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