01/11/19 Diary: Kansas and Back




The sunrise in the flint hills was lovely too. It was good to get away.

And by thoughts “going to bad places” mostly it’s self-deprecating thoughts, fears, or like I start imagining horror movies happening to me in real life. No fun.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Only one time have I been struck by existential angst. Thinking about the end of the Universe while feeling my mortality. I never did that ever again.

    The only time I ever felt actual fear was dreaming I was in a library and the walking carnivorous dead were there and then one of them noticed me…not had that dream again.

    The other was a T-Rex getting closer with each dream. Once it caught me they stopped.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Driving actually permits me a focus that avoids brain-wandering and woolgathering; I’m weird that way, I know. But there are other instances — paradoxically enough, when I’m working — that I can’t afford existential angst and yet it comes. In those cases I have music on just at the threshold of hearing. Trying to hear keeps my brain occupied just enough to let me get things done. There is no one Royal Road to concentration.

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