03/15/19 Diary: Quiche Week



Ā  |

Plus, of course, the usual other things. Up the tower every morning, doing washes on Glens Falls, etc. šŸ™‚


  1. Peter Rogan

    I know what you mean about addictive series. I never did complete “Love & Rockets” and likely never shall. But I was delighted to find “A Distant Soil” made the transition to the web and is still here, still going strong at age 40. It gives me hope for the future.

  2. Randall R. Besch

    It is quite a job walking in a stiff wind. Not just being able to see where you are going, but making sure it doens’t blow you off your feet.

    I have been thinking about having a quiche myself.

  3. Theynamok

    I don’t know if Elfquest’s ‘Kings of the Broken Wheel’ ever came out in trade paperback, but check those out too if you haven’t. Prepare yourself for much stress, timey-wimey stuff, and incredulous swearing at Rayek. Really good.

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