03/22/19 Diary: Joyride




Now, I have half a day to work on washes for the Glens Falls comic. Let’s see if things come up to get in my way THIS time!




  1. Julia

    Sympathy to Cedra’s mother. The same thing happened to me, only I fell off my bike. I am 3 months post surgery (titanium screws) and nearly back to normal. I hope her recovery is as smooth and fast as mine has been.

  2. War Pig

    It’s amazing how far surgery and medicine in general has come since the 50s. I remember my mom having a hysterectomy in the early 60s and she had great pain for weeks after. My tonsillectomy in 1958 was a five-day hospital stay and I had pain (and unlimited ice cream!) for another three weeks. A classmate at the time had an appendectomy and he was out of school for three months. A broken upper femur back then for a woman in her sixties (?) would have resulted in at least 6 weeks in hospital, then likely two or three months in a nursing facility for therapy and possibly another surgery to relieve any drainage that built up.

    There may be a lot of things wrong in this nation, but advancement of the medical/surgical arts is not one of them.

    1. Peter Rogan

      My mother fell on a patch of March ice and actually broke off the head of her femur – a clean ‘guillotine break’ as they call them. It wasn’t until after she had a titanium hip joint implanted that she said that this sort of injury, until just a few years ago, was untreatable. The elderly who suffered it were simply bedridden, in great and unrelenting pain, until pneumonia, “the friend of the aged,” took them. I found this appalling, and still do.

      Best of luck to Cedra’s mom on her recovery. It’s good to hear she’s already up and about, but I wouldn’t push it, really, were it me.

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