05/10/19 Diary: Magdalena




Don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty happy and wouldn’t trade my life for any other. But, there are long-hour times like these, which I know will soon pass.


  1. I tried my hand at hay bale gardening several years ago. I found they dried out really quickly compared to my raised beds and the potatoes I was growing in them never really took off.

    Which reminds me I was planning on setting up a vertical potato bin this year.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Had to go look up Larry Bob Phillips, and was immediately overwhelmed. You can get lost in his mastery of textures, just in time to find how he subverts light and shadow as in his “Den”. And you’re friends with him?? My envy knows no bounds. You live among the saints, sir.

  3. Back in the 50’s, my dad went to NMMI, and told me what Roswell was like back then. Reading your diary, you’d think Roswell was Taos (where my mom was from). It sounds like it’s become quite a nice place to live now!

    1. @Joseph_Jolton, well, it is very conservative and mostly chain stores, often with alien themes more for tourists than locals. We just happen to be in the heart of the art circle here, which is basically the residency, two museums (one directly part of the residency), and one gallery with classes — and so it is a very creative bubble you are seeing. A tight-knit arts community, but not very big. 🙂

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