05/17/19 Diary: Things Abate




Oh, and we’re listening to the Three Musketeers. The gender stuff hasn’t aged particularly well.


  1. War Pig

    Stone lithography is very labor intensive, not even counting the work of the artist to create the image. How expensive is it compared to some other print media?

  2. Peter Rogan

    Even after all this time, deadlines still hold a dark magic I can’t dispel. And it’s been nearly thirty years since I got out of the magazine editing game. Ninety-six blank pages to fill every month. And I was handing deadlines OUT to boot.

    But they are structure, skeletons to fill with flesh, and they demand action and attention and without them, the world seems flabby and formless, idle and uncompelled – and uncompelling. There are days I would give anything to be back at my desk on the phone and wheedling yet another article from a too-involved contributor who always delivers. Or in a planning session with the art department and a new 16 year-old artist from the local high school with a promising portfolio. Or even dealing with the distributors… well, there are limits to magic, too, as I was oppressively reminded. But these hooks will never leave my flesh, even if they don’t pull like they used to. Spellbound I shall remain, and the mention of ‘deadlines’ will prick up my ears and make me go stand in the firehouse where they’ll drape the harness over me, the doors will plunge open and it’s GO TIME.


  3. Randall R. Besch

    I like these metaphoric cartoon images sums things up so quickly and neatly. A great burden lifted off your shoulders now so light you can lay back on the clouds. I can almost feel it from your inspired drawings.

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