05/24/19 Diary: Birds and Skunks



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I drew AGAIN tonight (after drawing this strip) with a brush, and it was delightful.


  1. War Pig

    The southern end of a northbound skunk is best left to its own devices. šŸ˜‰

    lest weekend, I was out hunting mushrooms (I adore fried morels) on my brother’s place and sat down on top of a small hill to rest (I’m old). I admired the blooming honeysuckle and the sweet scent as well. As I sat and took a drink of water, I heard something rustling behind me. Standing up to look, I saw a rather large skunk coming up the back side of the hill. I spoke to let him know I was there. He stopped a minute, looked at me and continued coming up. I gave him the hill, took my basket of mushrooms and went home.

    I had a pistol in case of rabid raccoons (a bit of a problem right now) but he was just doing his own thing and I left him to do it, whatever it was.

  2. Peter Ustinov is the best thing about that movie. I watched it recently with friends who had come over in the mood for riffing it like MST3K (albeit without anywhere near the comedy talent of the Joel, Mike, et al.) It really is a mix of good ideas and WTF is that ideas. Ustinov is like a breath of fresh air.

  3. Peter Rogan

    I read the book years before I saw the movie, which I found execrable. I would have appreciated Ustinov’s character more if I hadn’t read Nolan and Johnson’s book and knew Ustinov stood in for the far more interesting destination of Sanctuary, burdened with more surprises than the movie (or its makers) were capable of portraying. It remains the second-worst movie version of a book I have seen, following George Pal’s pathetic and ridiculous “Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze”.

    Actually, I found Jenny Agutter’s portrayal of Jessica 6 a welcome surprise; she’s rather a weak add-on in the book but Agutter managed to project the wonder and understanding of her character that should have been there, making the story just tolerable enough to watch, once. Hollywood would later give female characters more depth but in 1976 Agutter was a standout where there shouldn’t have been one at all. She’s still the character I remember with greatest fondness. What there is of it.

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