07/05/19 Diary: Donut Holes and Other Wonders




I think there may be more donuts in my near future.


  1. M.A.

    In my freshman year of college (1966) I took a class in basic Linguistics; I still remember this example of a faulty syllogism:
    Nothing is more important than life.
    Holes in donuts are nothing.
    Therefore, holes in donuts are more important than life.

    I have forgotten many things about college, but for some reason that has stayed with me. Go figure.

  2. War Pig

    “God is love.
    Love is blind.
    Therefore, Ray Charles is God.”

    Three Truths.

    Donut holes are important. With very good coffee or ice cold milk. I first had them in the 1960s. I found out later than Canadians called them Tim Bits, for Tim Horton.

    Southwest thunderstorms can be quite impressive.

    1. War Pig

      PS: I bought “Queens of the Sea” and it is on its way. How was it, Chris? Dylan is one of my favorite artists. I can hardly wait until she finishes “Family Man”, which was put on hold 2 years ago to do “Queen of the Seas”.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Self-care when you’re sick seems so tedious when there are so many fun, necessary things to do! But without it, you can spend weeks languishing, and lose part of yourself you can’t get back. Here’s to a sufficient recovery, Chris. And donut holes as needed.

  4. War Pig

    Chris, are you feeling any of the California earthquakes or aftershocks out there in Roswell? We used to feel them in White Sands when they were over a 4.5 or so.

  5. Richard

    I was thinking that “more donuts in your future” could be an indication that you have some Canadian in you – there is a donut shop on nearly every corner of every Canadian town… Eh

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