07/12/19 Diary: July Fourth




Sadly, this week did not include me consuming any donuts.

Oh, and as always, please NO POLITICAL COMMENTS/DEBATE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. If there is, the comments will be deleted. I highly value debate, but this is not the forum for it. There are many OTHER places to debate. This strip is merely a reflection of my emotions and thoughts, and I have PLENTY of sources and debates in my life already.


  1. tudza

    No Flying in the House, I remember that one. At least, I remember the little dog and now I remember the really good illustrations. What’s the copyright date on that, because I read it 50 years or so ago I think.

  2. Peter Rogan

    I first came across Roberto Benigni in another Jarmusch film, “Night on Earth,” where he was the Roman cab driver talking to the priest he was driving. A more lethal monologue would be difficult to accomplish. Extraordinary talent. And now I can’t stop picturing how HE would handle a baby bird out of its nest. Tender and side-splitting and unforgettable. Get out of my head!

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