09/13/19 Diary: Bottomless Lake




What a fun and full week. πŸ™‚


    1. TB

      I think Lea Lake in that park is the only one you’re allowed to swim in, and it’s about 90 feet deep. Maybe this particular cenote has a ledge at some points around it.

      Note that if you are waist deep in a Bottomless Lake, it does technically contain at least one bottom.

  1. Peter Rogan

    “That too-early exhausted feel when you’re on an adventure….”

    It may indeed be magical as an occasional thing, but in this description, Christopher, I think you have pegged the quandary in which I am now gripped and cannot escape. I’ve become more than addicted to it — it’s now the way I (attempt to) get through my days, and it’s not working. Thank you for the insight. It gives me a place I can put a tool I will now fashion to break its hold.

  2. I liked The Wall. Maybe I’m looking at the obvious, but I thought of it to some extent as commentary on zoos. And (though I don’t think it’s what the filmmaker intended) I wonder if the man was really mad, or did she just view him that way?

    Her change of perspective on the white raven was heartbreaking. Definitely a film that sticks with you.

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