10/04/19 Diary: Class Prep / RMAC Workshop




Whew! Two weeks done. Caught up!


  1. War Pig

    I used to love watching roller derby in the 60’s on UHF in southern California. Back then the Bay City Bombers were the villains everyone loved to hate. I had a crush on about three of the lady Bombers in their skin-tight suits. Dad had been transferred from North American Aviation in Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles at North American/ Rocketdyne. He worked on the moon shot program from Gemini on.

    UHF were almost all independent stations. They were so hard up for programming they broadcast everything from live bullfights out of Mexico (about a third of the time the bulls won) to roller derby to local puppet shows. Weird Al was pretty close to the mark in his movie “UHF”. Many people don’t know that Wolfman Jack had a short-lived show on southern California UHF channels when he was broadcasting from those 250,000 watt Mexican radio stations.

  2. Peter Rogan

    The corporate response to knowing how well you taught a class is to have the students fill out a questionnaire, typically a list of questions with about five answers for each one, from ‘outstanding’ to something like ‘useless.’ The problem not addressed by this process is whether or not you wrote the questionnaire right, and whether you interpreted the results correctly enough to tell management if the course was successful or not. I say the hell with it. Your best feedback comes from the class at the end, whether they’re eager to leave or want to stick around and ask questions. More than three out of thirty, it’s a winner! Less than that is not worth worrying about; leave it to management. You’ve done your time and mined your sixteen tons. If your audience was geeked, that’s more than good enough. And the next time, you’ll be even better at it, because you’ll be practiced.

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