10/11/19 Diary: Hiking Bonito




Here is what my cereal bowl looks like:



  1. Peter Rogan

    Getting ready for Halloween with Christmas trees. I like your sly presentation of an old joke, now becoming a new and terrifying reality. ‘Welcome to GreedMart, where it has been Christmas since September.”

    1. Hortonwho

      I read a short story many years ago about the height of the commercialized Christmas season. The punchline was that it was September. The story needs an update where an underground resistance from a secret society spreads love, joy, and peace without buying into the commercialization.
      Of course I would never be part of such a subversive group and if I see my neighbors spreading anything like love, joy, or peace, I will immediately call the proper authorities.

  2. War Pig

    How was the deprivation tank? We had to be subjected to longer and longer periods in the tank as that is used as an interrogation technique by bad guys. Just like Jack Lord’s character in Hawaii 5-0 (the original), I eventually was able to hear my heartbeat and the blood flowing through my carotid arteries.

    In short spurts it is rather enjoyable, like you said, like floating in space; but after a while it gets boring as all get out. To keep my mind busy I counted seconds, but that put me to sleep and I lost count and had to start over again. The worse part about it was having to pee, submerged in fluid for long periods.

    The fox reminds me of the spirit animal in “Hellboy: Sword of Storms”. Good work.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Also called a “Lily Tank” way back when in the 1970’s named after Dr. John C. Lily who used them in his research. I’ve always wanted to try it out. Though not as a torture device.

    I like that bowl you made. The red fox reminds me a bit a spirit animal in use in a variety of works I watch and read. (Either fox or coyote are popular.) Seems perfect for oatmeal to be nestled in it. I see why you kept it.

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