02/25/23 Diary: 50th Birthday


Title: 50th Birthday Panel 1: Drawing of me atop the Dutch Reformed Church Ruins Tower, filming video with my phone. Caption, "2/23/23 - I walked into town to make another "walking video." The clouds were perfect, and by lucky chance the Dutch Reformed Church door was open and I went to the top of the tower." -- Panel 2: Drawing of John and I on a moped. Caption, "Sometimes when the housekeeper comes, I get out of her hair and go work in the library. On the way walking home, John came across me on his moped and gave me a lift." -- Panel 3: Drawing of Lynn and I at the Taste of the Cultures, eating on the big cement bleachers. Caption, "In the evening, I went to the "taste of the cultures" with Lynn again, where I had some fried breaded eggplant with a mango sweet and salty sauce, and tiramisu." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me walking down the street with Lyn's bakery behind me. Caption, "2/24/23 - I walked to Lyn's Bakery and bought two slices of chocolate cake (I would've made a cake, but the oven doesn't work)." -- Panel 5: Drawing of Lynn and I at the botanical garden at a table, looking out to sea. Caption, "2/25/23 - I began my 50th birthday with a walk to the botanical gardens with Lynn. She brought drinks and a sweet gift, and I brought cake. So nice!" -- Panel 6: Drawing of me at my desk doing a zoom call with my family. Caption, "And then a day of fielding messages and calls from friends and family. Feeling loved." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me sitting on a chair on the back stone steps looking at the far-off sea. Caption, "Sometimes I think I only learn life lessons in order to put them in my comics, not to live them." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me showering. Caption, "But sometimes I don't think that. It's important not to see things in black & white or to be too hard on oneself." -- Panel 9: Drawing of me sitting in the comfy chair drawing and drinking some wine. Caption, "I think I do love my art, and pour a lot into it, but also I think I live pretty fully. Okay, 50s, bring it on! (I finally tried the jamun wine. So sweet! Almost like a liqueur!)"


Here’s a link to this SECOND “morning walk” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0Z7C4FcdLQ


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