02/21/23 Diary: Quill Rim Trails


Title: Quill Rim Trail Panel 1: Drawing of Lynn and I at Panorama Point, both kinda' clinging to the rock. Caption, "2/12/22 - I hiked the rim trail with Lynn. First we went clockwise to Panorama point." -- Panel 2: Drawing of Lynn and I hiking on the Western rim of the Quill volcano. Caption, "And then counter-clockwise towards the Quill peak." -- Panel 3: Drawing of Lynn and I looking skeptically as a dodgy scramble up some boulders. Caption, "We both struggle with vertigo, so we encouraged each other, but also turned around when we needed to. " -- Panel 4: Drawing of me sitting on a chair on the back porch of the house sit, a bit detailed drawing of those big stone steps covered in mops and pots and other detritus. Caption, "And then I got sick. Mostly a stomach thing, but it also sapped my energy and made it hard to think. So I didn't walk or do much for about 8 days and only got minimal amount of work done." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me sitting in the comfy chair watching something on my laptop. Caption, "And I watched the entire "Laid-Back Camping" series plus the movie (and now I want to go camping and cook marvelous things)." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me sitting in the comfy chair reading an email on my laptop. Caption, "Also, I now have a plane ticket, and will be leaving on March 16th. So soon!" -- Panel 7 (yes, only seven panels this time): Drawing of me walking down towards the ocean, holding my smartphone up in front of me. Caption, "2/19/23 - As I've begun to feel slightly better, and inspired by "morning walk" videos, I filmed one. It's of the walk I do many mornings down to the Atlantic shore (with a handkerchief rubber-banded over the microphone to try to reduce wind noise).


Here’s a link to that “morning walk” video: https://youtu.be/P6UCZ9upOpM


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