July 24, 2015

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I have (had, in July of 2015) restarted my diary strip, the first version which ran in May of 2008. It will run pretty much daily, Monday-Friday. But I will likely do it 7 days/week. So, I’ll either get a big backlog, or create buffers for days when I miss it. We’ll see how it pans out. It’s more a side project I’m doing because I really enjoy it than anything else, so I’m not putting any pressure on myself to be faithful, but I probably will be anyways.

Oh, but since it won’t hardly EVER have its own blog attached (like this big one I’m writing now) I’ll be simply keeping it at the top of the main baldwinpage.com for now (Find Anna Galactic and Yontengu below).

Oh, and I haven’t built up the website for proper links to it from everywhere, but the main home for it is here.

Or, something you can ALWAYS do, click on the date above the strip (which will be the date of the diary entry, not “today’s” date) to go to the blog for it, or to comment.

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