Things continue to come along. More serious editing. My girlfriend (a nurse) went through the entire set of scripts with me to work out each character’s psychology. Mike Russell gave me a very thorough line-editing, which was awesome, and to which I learned just how backwards my sentences often are.

I’m loving it, and am so excited to soon be starting the actual drawing. But the humor is in the scripts, and so I keep cutting out everything that’s not funny enough and re-doing it. Edit edit edit. Must be funnier, more interesting, exciting.

Yesterday I did another major edit, working on it 15 hours straight, finishing up this morning with another 3 hours. I think I made some great break-throughs.

Keep watching, the first week of January is the solid date now. Be prepared.

In the meantime, go trick-or-treating and get ill on candy. You deserve it.

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