Hello! And welcome to the world of “Anna Galactic.” (although, the woman in today’s strip is named “Foxglove”).

You may be wondering why it ends as if a couple panels are missing. Well…. so, one of the things I noticed when doing Spacetrawler, was although ending each page with a gag did make it fun to read it both web and book form, it also created a bit of a stuttered pace in book form. And so, with “Anna Galactic,” I’ll be making breaks part-way through pages, wherever a gag completes (like here, 3.5 pages in). Thus, satisfying reading it in either format. I think it will work. Finger’s crossed.

The strip will RARELY be this long. I wanted a good solid introduction (plus action read so quickly!). But, in general, sometimes it will be longer than a page, sometimes shorter. Again, depending on where the gags lay.

I’ve mentioned before, but some folk did not care for how “One Way” ended, with unfinished story lines and more questions than answers, and no finale. That was on purpose and because I was writing it as a short-story rather than a traditional full story arc. “Anna Galactic” has a full story arc, in fact the ENTIRE THING IS WRITTEN ALREADY, and I have run it by a good number of people, all who have thought in a smash-bang good climactic ending. I do hope you enjoy it.

I’m not sure how long it will run, and won’t know until I lay it out. I’m guessing 2-3 years.

So… welcome!

01/28/15 Evening Stroll 01

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  1. FYI, I wasn’t thrilled with the way One Way ended, but I did enjoy it. There is a certain beauty in never knowing. It allows me to believe the best possible option and to hold a bit of hope. Plus, it was still good as a short story. And Now we think as she thinks because she’ll never know.

    I was mostly unhappy that we never knew if he had actually won. Drag it out the entire comic and we never get to know how much of his wealth he gave to her? Very very cruel sir.

  2. Is it too late to suggest that the story be about a girl shapeshifter that only looks like something from one specific viewpoint – Anna Morphic?

  3. I’m already interested. This definitely seems like something you’ve put a lot of effort into and I’m excited.

    But look… I can let go of One Way if you answer One Question. Who won the Stellarball game between the Magmas and the Tectonics? And did Gordon win his bet?

  4. Looks like it’s off to a great start. I like the art already – clearly has elements of your previous work, but it’s also clearly different from Spacetrawler or One Way. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

  5. Cobra’s like, “those are MY berries!”

  6. Well my curiosity is certainly piqued!

  7. Looking forward to it! I was sad when One Way and, before that, SpaceTrawler had to end. Now I can look forward to being crushed in a couple of years when this one closes, and happy at the prospect of what comes after. That’s weird, isn’t it?

  8. Ah, now I’ll be wondering if the Cobra-saur is edible or not. Way to drop the ball right at the start space lady…

  9. YAY!!! New strip!!! Good luck Chris, and thank you. Also I am now predicting that nostrils are going to be this strip’s version of the Big Eyes in One Way.

  10. Ok, welcome to Anna Galactic and farewell to Vampire Bicycle… I’m going to miss it.

    On the other hand, this is going to be the first long story I read from you, so, let’s see how is it going…

  11. Chris, I liked One Way. It was your story and, as your story, I’m glad you told it the way you wanted to. It was different, and since it came immediately after another sci-fi work, this “different-ness” was more obvious than if the order had been reversed. Things don’t have to be widely pleasing to be good/worthwhile/quality. Some things that are, in fact, widely pleasing are the worst things around.

    The unanswered questions at the end were unsettling and I think we all naturally want some happy ending without loose ends. Leaving things open forces a bit more work on the reader’s shoulders and leaves a distinct imprint. We all now must work a little harder to find the resolution in our own heads, or else leave it unresolved forever. In my mind, they were all rescued by a fluffy unicorn, named Mildred. Of course my favorite work of yours is Little Dee so that might explain things.

    Anyhow, I don’t comment much but just didn’t want you to think that many/most people didn’t like it. There are probably lots who rarely comment that enjoyed it as much as I did. Probably many others who will re-read it and enjoy it more the 2nd time, when they’ve come to terms with it.

    Thanks for the work you do.

  12. Yay! Another Christopher Baldwin space comic that’ll run 2 to 3 years!!! Very very excited over here. I’m loving it already!

  13. For the record, when I noted that the ending to “One Way” was anticlimactic, I did NOT mean to imply it was necessarily bad or that I disliked it; it was merely unexpected, that’s all 🙂 .

  14. So Awesome Looking, and intriguing! I think it’s a great idea on the throwaway gags!

  15. Looks promising. Do go on. Thank you.

  16. Thankyou for ending the huge eyes experiment.

  17. Hey now! My comment preceded yours by a couple of hours, but it is sitting in the limbo of “awaiting moderation”.

  18. I’m sitting comfortably in the sofa, with popcorn at hand. Keep the strips going! (-:

  19. Came here from Comic strip of the day.
    It might be enjoyable.
    I can not find the rss mark.

  20. I see from your tags that not only is her name Foxglove, but his name is Teapot (though he appears to be neither short nor stout).

  21. Love all your new stuff, but your site is still crashing IE 11. If I stay on the site for about thirty seconds, IE bites it. Reloads quickly.

    This seems to be true only of the main front page, not the individual comic pages.

  22. Second!

    Looks great!

    What is your planned update schedule?

  23. I was okay with the ambiguous end of One Way once I realized that was the intention.

    So, Foxglove wasn’t supposed to be going outside on her own, I take it.

  24. Were you Chris? Were you really first? Bwahahahahaha!!!

  25. Congrats on the new comic, looks great so far!

  26. Yay !!! New comics to read again ^_^

  27. Wheee!

    Nice start – though it was awfully rude of her to not try talking to Mr. Hissy. Sure, he may be a huge toothy serpent, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person! 😀

    I don’t know if it’s just an experiment in tweaking your comic-art style, but I like that the character’s eyes are more naturalistically sized. I can guess that makes it harder to convey expression when viewed at a small size, though.

  28. mmm it seems my previous comment is “awaiting moderation”…

  29. First!


    Second, though!

    I’m loving this so far. I look forward to the ride. 🙂

  30. You were already first with the comic panels. Nice start. So is “Foxglove” a real name or a moniker or code name? And she is a red head. Sunburn easily, I know I am sort of one.

    Obviously they recently landed and she was checking things out like food on the vine. And got to see at least one predator. One that evolved in a way similar to a cobra on Terra. Nice and in color.

  31. Hahahahaha! Hi, everyone! I wondered why it was so quiet. All comments were stuck in some holding pen. Sorry about that! Fixed. 🙂

  32. Magentaberries?

    Also yay, comic! Didn’t notice this until now.

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  34. I love the fact that her use of the gizmo is mirrored by the creature’s sniffing- different ways of asking the same question!

  35. In “One Way” I assumed the aliens sent one person back in the Earth spaceship to do the exact same thing to Earth that Earth had planned to do to them. Using Earth’s own spaceship instead of advance alien tech. They did seem to have a sense of humor.

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