I originally posted just the pencils. but the colors and inks are done and posted above! But if you’re curious, here are the pencils I originally posted.

and, of course… again….

I’m about to embark on an indefinitely long journey, moving from place to place every month, around the country, making a portable storage unit out of my car, and using for all my stays.

What this means, and how you can support my endeavor:

1. Indiegogo Campaign! I am doing an Indiegogo campaign in exchange for artwork I’ll be doing while on the road. Want art from me? Such as watercolors, ink drawings, character sketches, and oil paintings? Go check it out. And help launch my travels!

2. Patreon Page! Do all of you know I have a Patreon page? An awesome way to support an artist whose work you love. It’s kind like an online tip jar. Check it out.

3. TopatoCo store! Any other books or merch in my TopatoCo store.

4. Amazon Wish List! I have some books and supplies to help me on my way on my Amazon Wish List.

5. Little Dee Originals won’t be on sale for however long I’m on the road (your last day, February 25). So, if you want to purchase any of the archive strips, and help support the launching of my journeying, it might be a while before they’re available again.

6. Little Dee b&w collections! As you may know, I have completed the full-color Little Dee graphic novel (totally new story!) for Penguin/Dial books. It is due out this summer, at which point (according to contract) the Little Dee b&w collections, which you know and love, will have to be made unavailable. So, make sure to make purchases before this summer. And what better time than now, to help launch my travels! ;-)

7. Simply Leave Me a Tip!

02/18/15 Mother Daughter Talk 02

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  1. #271,674,236.71 isn’t as funny as #271,674,236.70. The 2 routine was too routine.

  2. Good expressions of Anna’s mom, they say a lot!

  3. It looks like you scan the pencils into something akin to PhotoShop, then ad text & bubbles before you start inking. Is the text stuff an always thing or just something you did for this strip due to time pressures?

  4. With this project, I lay out the text (a font of my handwriting) and the general page first, then do the “pencils” digitally (as well as roughly where the balloons will be). When I digitally ink afterwards, I do the balloons on a separate layer (easier to change if text changes/translations). 🙂

    And I’m almost done with inking, then coloring, then post! 🙂

  5. Colored page uploaded! Old pencils linked in the blog below it if you missed it and remain curious.

  6. RE: remembering the title:

    Doesn’t EVERYBODY have that problem?

  7. RE: remembering the title:

    Well sure! A book in the car, one downstairs, one upstairs, a few in the phone, the stack of To-Read next to my desk, re-reading favorites, …

  8. Starting to get into this new strip as I get to know the characters. Curious about the whole purpose of your trip, too. Well, if you head to Tucson, let me know and you can stay in my husband’s cartooning “studio”/condo for the amazing price of cleaning up after yourself. 🙂

  9. Especially if you like to read several books at once. I have in the bathroom I visit separate from the other three. They are all non-fiction.

    The facial expressions are so natural, no real exaggerations, very life like and human. You can just feel for her, her chance at solo cut out to save the waning energy supplies. Soon the ship will be unlivable. Sad.

  10. I agree with Karlos, these expressions are very sensitive and human.

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