I’m camping. Actually taking a weekend, just not on Saturday and Sunday. But the strips go onwards!

07/06/15 The City 03

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  1. He’s under arrest for murder. There are witnesses. Better hope that jelly wasn’t an officer.

  2. Ooooh. 360 degree vision (or analogous sensory system equivalent) on the Eebs distant cousins! I wonder if there is a hierarchy in their culture based on how far out their eyestalks extend? The grand high priest has super long eyestalks, and the city’s trash collector’s eyes barely protrude at all!

  3. well, he did raise his hands as if he was surrendering.

    Or they read Spacetrawler and/or One Way and realized you just can’t distrust humans too much.

  4. We missed you at ConVergence. Kidnapped by Nebs! That would explain it! 🙂

  5. Murder is my thought as well. Other options are sorcery (fire from his hand), poaching, or slaying a holy animal.

    Tentacles for land walking? Either a quirk of evolution, things get muddy / watery frequently (super-rainy seasons?), or they are recently making do on dry land.

    Eyes all around means no binocular vision but 360 field of vision. On Earth at least that is a hallmark of prey / non-predator species.

  6. Well, that went slightly better than I expected.

    Oh yeah! Since I turned it into such an issue on the Yontengu comments, I’d like to volunteer the spelling of my own name: The first character is the number 0, with a pronunciation of “Oh-zee-seven-niner”, or Ozy.

    Also, I offer my sincerest apologies for being such a witch.. :/ Sorry!

  7. Raising ones hands against your fellow sapient creature is considered bad manners all over the galaxy.
    Also, they do not like his shirt.

  8. @Minando, he could have mitigated things by wearing a bolo tie. It’s hard to be angry at someone wearing a bolo tie.

  9. Any idea how long you’ll stay on walkabout? Just curious. (Okay, and a *teeny* bit envious. Sounds pretty nice!)

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