Was camping at Eagle Lake, Ca (just NW of Susanville) with Cedra Wood, when the clouds went all pretty like this (below), before turning black and filling with lightning and thunder (amazingly the rain passed just north of us, and we remained dry)


07/10/15 The City 05

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  1. Huh, not sue why they left the pack, or why they tied those two up to the tree. I would understand killing them outright, or taking them to town, or leaving them be, but as it stands it looks like they intend to leave them to a slow death.

  2. Survival supplies are more useful to the two out here than to the one human in the city. I think he is just thinking ahead to what they will need.

  3. Yeah, like firestarters, survival rations, a flashlight, water-purifying tablets, a weapon with several hundred rounds of ammo, an e-reader with “The Collected Works of Christopher Baldwin, Vol. 1 — you know, the essentials.

  4. Although since they are tied up, it’s going to be hard to get to the pack…wait, what happened to Pewter?

  5. One of these people doesn’t taste like the other…

  6. @KNO3, Well, that’s why cannibals don’t eat clowns. They taste funny.

  7. Teapot set the ghost jellyfish aflame. The ladies didn’t.

  8. The nebs like their food leaner, with less screaming?

  9. Fabulous shot! I can never get shots like that without poles and wires.

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