08/14/15 The City 19

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  1. Maybe they’re going to set him free…

    Over the side of the cliff…

  2. Feed him to another one of the gods that he killed?

  3. Oh, things happen while we stay waiting for something else…

    (or something like that… =P)

  4. Nebs: “Wow, these invaders sure are dim.”

  5. That doesn’t look like he’s been invited to high (or even low, which oddly enough is fancier than high) tea …. unless they have a really kinky version of “tea”.

  6. Maybe he IS the tea. Teapot’s going into the teapot. ::dunk:: “AAAGH!!!” ::dunk::: “RRRGHHHH!!!” ::squeeze:: “……”

  7. Maybe Teapot will be filled with hot water?

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