I’m trying to do #inktober (one drawing a day, in ink on paper, for a month), but so far only one day out of four. Maybe I’ll just make sure I do thirty-one, but may finish in November. Funny though, I AM drawing a lot, I’m just doing it digitally. Trying VERY hard to teach myself Manga Studio (but am not loving it), as well as try new methods and styles of digital drawing. But anyhow, for now, an ink doodle! 🙂


10/05/15 The City 41

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  1. Any landing you can shamble away from…

  2. That which does not kill me…

  3. Oh, you’re the first one I know who’s not loving Manga Studio or having trouble drawing with it…

  4. I think it’s just that I’ve used Photoshop daily for about 15 years. My brain is just having problems with the switchover.

    Mind you, some things I’ve liked. Variable line and treatment of brushes seems far superior.

    Mostly I wish I had a MS expert working at the desk next to me who I could badger with a new question ever 15 minutes.

  5. haha, what can I tell you if I did my firsts attempts on drawing with just a pencil and a piece of paper…

    And now everybody speaking about PS, Manga Studio, Illustrator, SAI, and all that stuff so naturally… yes, we wish some expert in the next desk…

    But I think that if you’re already in the “digital mood” a transition from one tool to other shouldn’t be so hard.

  6. Oh, I can relate. And I still prefer pen and pencil. I didn’t truly start using photoshop until I was 27, and only used it for touch-ups until I was 37, and then it was only color. I didn’t start drawing comics digitally until a couple years ago.

    And thank you, I hope it won’t be hard. But so far I’ve put in a lot of hours and still seem fairly resistant. But I’ll stick to it! 🙂

  7. Great start for inktober! I love the expression on her face. It’s pure exhilaration, as if she’s almost reached the top of the roller coaster and will fly down the tracks any second. Put your hands in the air and say wheee!

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