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10/09/15 The City 43

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  1. No smoke trail, so not a missile. Could be a laser or self destruct mechanism.

  2. They may have attracted the attention of the Farm.

  3. So, the glider had a fuel tank? Probably also thrusters, which they didn’t notice?

  4. Oh and panel 2: the hate-stare of love <3

  5. It looks like it flew into the rock formation to me, which does raise the question what was in it that exploded?

  6. The art is too flat, I cannot tell if it exploded when it hit the rock formation or if it exploded before, so I have no idea if it was shot down, exploded by remote control, or exploded on impact Michael Bay style.

  7. @Gnarlydoug, it hit the rock. Sorry for any confusion.

  8. haha… while this vindicates their earlier intuition – turns out they did correctly simulate a glider explosion with the smoke bomb before – it will only make them feel all the more stupid now 😉

  9. Are those the most dangerous gliders ever created, or do the rocks explode on impact?

  10. Thanks for the clarification Chris.

    So it exploded on the rocks. Barring a fluke like hitting a box of alien dynamite, the glider was likely a powered vehicle after all. The fuel must have weight nearly nothing. My bet is the actual frame of the ‘glider’ itself doubled as the fuel.

  11. In that case, Pewter’s panicked cry of “DON’T LET HER NEAR THE GROUND” was justified. Hmmmm…

  12. No wing flaps and minimal vertical stabilization, might be multiple EM drive thrusters for control. So that might make the explosive fuel… batteries.

    Lithium batteries do explode with a bright flame.

  13. Chris, are you still living the itinerant artist life, or did you decide to stay put in Glen Falls? Just curious as my vicarious travels are through your comments.

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