So, I threw in the towel for #inktober. It was lotsa’ fun, and produced lotsa’ fun drawings. But being sick this week just made everything kind of a struggle, so I felt happy wrapping up and tying the bow on that one.

Have a great weekend with your costumes and candy, and drive/walk/kiss safely. πŸ™‚

10/30/15 The Ambush 08

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  1. Yay! Teapot didn’t talk to Foxglove!

  2. Why would someone have a backpack that tiny? And in just about the hardest place to reach? Must be something else…

  3. Panel 8: imagine should be imagining, I think. Unless this is some phrase I’ve never heard before.

  4. @Brian, future tech is small.

    @Ninjamobile, I’ve heard it both ways. Also “beyond imagination.”

  5. What @Ninjamobile said. In Panel 8 “beyond imagine” isn’t correct. Either “imagining” or “imagination” would work.

  6. Aye, “imagine” is weird grammatically.

  7. Okay, I get it. I fully realized it wasn’t grammatically correct, and preferred it and could make many solid/fine arguments for keeping it, but I know for a lot of people, grammar errors interrupt the flow, and so it’s been changed.

  8. Kudos on the panels with the hands! So evocative!

  9. I am sorry to be that guy, but I don’t understand Bramble’s childhood motivation to sabotage the report. Why did she remove that information? Because she thought it was the right thing to do? Because… biting insects are bad, so remove that information about biting? Because she was trying to help her dad by destroying his work? I feel like there is a single panel of dialog missing somewhere. And were all the insects dead, or all the colonists? To many “theys” and “its” I feel!

  10. @Pete, good questions!

    Kids, especially overachievers, or kids wanting to impress, sometimes go the extra mile… even if not realizing the possible negative results. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to add a line like “I was trying to make the report even better, to impress him.” I’ll consider it.

    it was mentioned earlier that all the pilgrims died, but it was a while ago. I’ll consider revising when I get a chance.

  11. In my experience underachievers tend to skew data, not overachievers.

  12. She says she removed it from a packet provided for people coming to the planet – I am guessing “it” was the entire section on the guhz flies. So she wasn’t skewing data, she was editing…and I have to say, she’s not the only editor I’ve encountered who managed to remove the most critical bit of information…

    (also the only reason I can think of that her father wouldn’t catch the change – a report just on guhz flies he surely would have double-checked, a whole packet of info containing all sorts of stuff, he might not have.)

  13. Yeah, I don’t see any confusion. Part of compiling the report was selecting the relevant information. She screwed up on the relevance judgement.

    But since someone has already been confused by it, maybe “omitted them” (as in, the flies) rather than “stripped it” is more clear.

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