11/06/15 The Ambush 11

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  1. It will help! The crabs go stabby stab against Pewter and injure themselves.

  2. Then they realize that Pewter is their long-foretold, long-awaited Metal God. They seat him on a throne and proceed to worship him, giving the rest of the team the opportunity to sneak away.

    At least until Pewter calls out “Hey! Where are you guys going?”

  3. Attract a jellyfish tentacle thingie, set it on fire, drop on crabs. Heat usually has an adverse effect on organic poisons. Enjoy crab broil.

    Two, tie a rope to Pewter and use him as a wrecking ball.

  4. Pewter FTW! It’s an incredibly fun character.

  5. @KNO3 He’ll come in like a wrecking ball.

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