12/23/15 Underground 01

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  1. A non=newtonian fluid? Smart matter? Some kind of slime? Yeah, get it into a lab.

  2. “Anna, your mucus.”

  3. It’s narrativium.

    It is special in that its material properties covary with the plot when plotted against the narrative – like the speed of the Kithawk (Kitty-Hawk? Why does Christopher Baldwin hate kittens?). It remains to be seen whether the plot – as it thickens – contains a narrative of its properties as well 😉

  4. Pewter: As always, the most helpful, yet completely annoying little shit in the galaxy.

  5. Ah Pewter, the spirit of the Potty Bot lives on.

  6. Ooo! Ooo! I know! I know! Pick me!


    Either that or it’s the excrement of the giant floating jelly things.

    It could happen. (Since we don’t know their metabolism.)

  7. Without a tricorder (portable analyzer) a Mr. Spock (Sherlock Holmes with pointed ears) we must wait for an analysis. Darn it! It has some intersecting properties that might be useful. [I meant interesting, but this word works, I think…]

  8. It’s some thixotropic clay, obviously.

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