02/22/16 Respite 01

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  1. Yes, hit the robot. Please.

  2. Hey, it’s those outlaw performers I was told about! I better see the show before I turn them over to Hishla’s people.

    Why isn’t the stick player doing anything? Maybe Hishla already globbed it. Bummer.

  3. I think this is where she wakes up and we learn she picked up language from the weird Hishla thing. At least, that’s how I’d write it. 🙂 And I’ll bet the reason Degray went insane was because in humans transmission is two-way – unlike among the natives – and his poor brain couldn’t cope with the alien perspective.

  4. It has no fingers or tentacles to manipulate things. How could it build anything? I wonder if it isn’t some artificial kind of organism.

  5. Nah, it’s waiting for some music.

  6. @night-gaunt, My guess is gripping “things” protrude from the ends of the spaghetti-arms as needed. Maybe it’s like the Moties from “The Mote in God’s Eye” — there’s a hand for delicate work and a gripping hand.

  7. @KNO3, Two thoughts:
    1. Its stance reminds me of some of the guys at my middle-school dances, waiting for JUST the right opportunity to walk across the floor and ask That Girl to slow dance. Question: is it waiting for “I Can Love You Like That” by All-4-One, or Brian McKnight’s “Back At One”?

    2. It must feel very confident. Based on its previous stance, it’s sitting down with its’ back towards Our Heroes yet none of its’ sight organs are facing them or scanning behind it for dangerous things sneaking up on it (like overgrown 8th grade testosterone machines looking for easy prey).

  8. Ah good point Muzhik about facing the other way, it’s giving the humans privacy to do whatever they are going to do at the well (ahem, ahem). It’s waiting for it’s turn at the well perhaps?

  9. so it’s just out wandering around carrying a stool? (admittedly, one with a handy carrying-handle).

  10. @mouse, no, it was out carrying a water bucket. To the well.

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